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Editorial review

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Pedro Castro Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 3.6
PhraseExpander is an automation tool aimed to save your time when typing texts, starting programs, filling forms or opening web pages. This application can be used from any other program, as it can be set to start along with the system and stay hidden in the System Tray, while it monitors the text you type or the items you copy to the clipboard.
This way, it will be correcting your spelling mistakes and suggesting auto-text phrases.
The application has two different levels of difficulty, which depend on the task. Thus, using the auto-text features is far easier than creating phrases and managing glossaries. The program has a nice interface, in which the functions related to glossary management and those needed for editing phrases appear in different tabs. Fortunately, it is well documented and even provides sample glossaries.
Glossary is an important concept to understand when using this tool, because they are actually databases in which the elements are stored. The application allows importing and exporting them as separate files, and the same linked glossary can be shared by various networked computers. Moreover, you can download several free glossaries from the Internet.
The program automates several tasks and in this respect, it goes beyond the built-in auto-text features available in some Office applications. Besides completing repetitive text and paragraphs or autocompleting long or difficult-to-type terms, the program can open your favorite website, fill customizable text templates and perform web searchers. As it allows you to use macros, you can expand the repertoire of automated tasks by writing a few lines of code. For instance, you can use a macro to perform chained operations, such as opening an application, inserting text into it and then closing it.
In addition, the program can watch your clipboard and keep a record of your operations. It can also suggest phrases that may logically continue the text you are typing or calculate mathematical expressions as you type them.
In fewer words, PhraseExpander is an excellent helper for people who want to increase their productivity. Unfortunately, creating personalized glossaries is not always an easy task and will usually take a lot of time. However, if this application is used wisely, you will soon make up for the time spent on that.


  • It has a nice intuitive interface.
  • It is well documented.
  • It allows sharing and downloading glossaries.
  • It lets you program macros.
  • It can watch your clipboard.


  • Creating personalized glossaries can be time-consuming.
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    Virens Last year

    PhraseExpander is a good shortcut writing tool for useful tasks at websites.